BCP recently approved the purchase of “The Boss” -- a hand-operated sewing machine for leather -- to assist Adrian in the manufacture of leather belts for braces and prosthetic limbs.

Why hand-operated, you may wonder, with today’s technology?  Adrian has no legs and does everything with his hands. 

When our care coordinator, Christine Lashley, and former patient, Viviani Cornel, delivered the sewing machine, Adrian became giddy with delight, as he was using a bicycle wheel spoke he had sharpened to punch holes in the leather to try to manufacture the straps.

Adrian sends immense gratitude to the Belize Children’s Program and Rotary District 6510 for acquiring “The Boss” for him.

Many that have known our children over the many years ask us how they doing.  What are they doing?  Adrian is just one shining example of how our children grow up after having had their lives changed with your help.  They truly know the meaning of “paying it forward.” All because you took the time to care -- whether with your donation of time, home, transportation,                                                                                       or funding -- you are helping us maintain our mission to “MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE                                                                                         OF A CHILD.”  For this, we thank you.